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Power Care Australia – Your one-stop shop for all kinds of Generators

Since 2004, Power Care commit itself to providing the highest level of service and products to all of our clients, across all industries. We are a family operated business importing, wholesaling and retailing to the individual and commercial clients. Our vision continues to evolve and adapt however our initial key strengths have held firm. We are committed to offering the complete solution to all of our customers nationwide and also internationally. So if you are looking for Portable Generators for Sale Australia is having, then we are your destination. The growing need for portable Diesel G...

Generator Warranty: What You Need To Know And Where To Get Portable Generators For Sale In Australia

Almost every mechanical device produced by a reliable brand should come with a warranty. This warranty not only assures the buyer that the product is reliable it also boosts the brand’s reputation in the market. There are of course different factors that can affect the warranty type and period being offered and there are damages that are not usually inclusive in warranties. All these and more will be made clearer down the line as you read on.Warranty types Some warranty types would give the buyer an option of getting refunds if the buyer so pleases after the damage or fault occurs but o...

Log Splitter: what you need to know to make the right choice

A log splitter is known as a piece of equipment that is used to cut log of woods possibly to produce firewood. These logs can have varying thicknesses and varying lengths hence the log splitters should have a way of being varied in terms of their rating.It is important to first let you understand how they are rated before we go further into this educative session. Log splitters usually consist of an assembly of piston and hydraulic rods. These hydraulic rods have pressure rating which in turn determine the amount of force that the splitter can produce.This force produced is measured in...

The importance of fuel maintenance and filters for Generators

Fuel monitoring, sampling, testing, as well as fuel maintenance, are very important aspects of your generator maintenance. If you do not take out the time and energy that is required to do these, then you will have to pay more on the long run in terms of finance, energy and possible breakdown that would eventually result.Degradation of fuel is natural and almost an inevitable process and if you want a lesser overall cost of operating your generator you had better implement a befitting maintenance program right away.Diesel generators are very common these days so it is reasonable to dis...

Why a person may want to have a Generator

The reasons why a person might buy a portable electric generator are probably as diverse as the different types of generators on the market. Being prepared in the event of a power outage is a very valid concern; hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can create a loss of electrical service. In some cases, the outage may last for days or even weeks. While many reasons for buying a portable electric generator are linked to preparedness, another purpose is the ability to carry power to a location where none is available. Below are some good reasons to consider ...

The Determining Factor for which Log Splitter You actually Get

Whether you are a carpenter, builder, or have a fire place, chopping wood can become a tedious and exhausting job really fast. A log splitter is operated by using a hydraulic piston that puts the wood through either a steel blade or rotating cone-type mandrel that hoists the log over a wedge. If you are interested in purchasing a diesel log splitter, you probably have more than your fair share of chopping wood to do on a regular basis. However, it is important to know whether you plan on cutting wood for personal use only or if you plan to chop enough wood that warrants running a business. Thi...

Find the Perfect Diesel Water Pumps for sale in Australia

Water pumps can be an essential component to our daily lives. If you are in the market to understand what diesel water pumps for sale there are in Australia, then look no further. Overall, diesel water pumps for irrigation are always going to be the better option for numerous reasons. Each pump is going to come with carbide mechanical seals, meaning they resist corrosion over time, withstand the elements better, and have a much better way of heating than the standard pump. Diesel pumps are great because their seals are much better suited for more intense applications like pumping a contaminate...

Understand Exactly What Portable Camping Generators are for Sale

For people that are really into hiking and camping, they may spend days or even weeks outside on their excursions. Sure, you can rough when it comes to keeping yourself warm or cooking yourself food, but all serious campers know the real value of a portable camping generator. There are certain situations you may find yourself in while camping that may require you to have a reliable and quiet portable generator. So, it is essential to understand exactly what camping generators are for sale. When you don’t know exactly what you need, it is unquestionable that you will purchase a generator that...

Starting the Search for the Right Diesel Generator for Sale in Australia

When buying a diesel generator, you want to be sure that you have done your homework beforehand. The point of buying a diesel generator is to get something that is going to be a reliable piece of machinery for when the regular energy sources in your home or business fail for some unforeseen reason. Buying diesel generators in Australia can be a tricky time because there are so many different options when it comes to making that purchase. Whether it is brand or new versus used, buyers will have a tough time gauging exactly what they should do when it comes to picking out the best option. There ...

Portable Generators and Camping Generators For Sale

Are you looking for a portable, not too expensive and reliable generator for camping, motor-home or caravan?. This EV65i could you an option. With built in digital inverter and permanent magnet alternator it can run all sensitive equipment at the same time. 6000W is enought power for all portable needs. Also, there is an option to upgrade  for remote control start.   



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KOOP Diesel Generator 3KVA with Remote Control Start
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Diesel Generator 10KVA Silent 3 Phase 415V/240V 2-cyl
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2 inch HighPressure Diesel Water Pump twin impeller 11HP
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Diesel High Preassure PRO Fire Pump V-twin 25HP Electric Start
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YANDONG Silent Diesel Generator 18KVA, 415V/240V Combo
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Stationary Silent Diesel Generator 12.5KVA 240V
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Diesel Concrete Cutter 40cm blade, cutting depth 15cm
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KOOP Diesel Air Compressor 11HP with Electric Start
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Stationary Silent Diesel Generator 15KVA 240/415V
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40T Diesel Log Splitter 13HP Electric Start, Hydraulic Lift
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KOOP Diesel Generator 3KVA with Remote Control Start
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2 inch HighPressure Diesel Water Pump twin impeller 11HP
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