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Generator Warranty: What You Need To Know And Where To Get Portable Generators For Sale In Australia


Almost every mechanical device produced by a reliable brand should come with a warranty. This warranty not only assures the buyer that the product is reliable it also boosts the brand’s reputation in the market. There are of course different factors that can affect the warranty type and period being offered and there are damages that are not usually inclusive in warranties. All these and more will be made clearer down the line as you read on.

Warranty types

Some warranty types would give the buyer an option of getting refunds if the buyer so pleases after the damage or fault occurs but of course option will most likely be available for a very short period of time. Another warranty type is one where the buyer is asked to pay a little extra cash to get another product of the same brand if the buyer no longer feels confident in that product. There is also the free repair offer where the brand’s engineers repair or corrects the faults as long as it occurs within the acceptable period all for free. In other types a little fee may be charged for the repair or correction.

What the warranty should cover

What is covered by the warranty may depend on the unit but it is a generally accepted rule that any fault or damage that is beyond your control or unrelated to how you operate the system during the given period of time should be covered by the warranty. These are usually defects or faults in the workmanship or materials of the mechanical device.

What the warranty doesn’t cover

Any damage that occurs due to user’s negligence or abuse of the generator will not be covered by the manufacturer. It is therefore advisable to go through the manual and understand every instruction before using the generator. Damage due to accidents like hitting the generator against a structure will not be covered. If any damage occurs which is the manufacturer’s fault, then, any other electrical appliance which may have been damaged as well will most likely not be covered. Even though many warranties offer free repairs and replacement of components, any component which should be replaced regularly during routine maintenance will not be covered by the warranty and would be regarded as user’s duty. Transportation of your mechanical product to and fro the brand’s contact office for repairs in Australia may also not be covered so questions should be asked or document properly read before purchasing.

Warranty periods

Some brands which are known as premium brands offer 4 year warranty and the commercial brands offer 2 year warranty period. Other brands known as budget who also produce reliable products offer 1 year warranty.

What you should do;

Irrespective of the brand you opt for it is very important to be sure that they have a contact office in Australia and importantly somewhere you can easily transport your portable diesel generator (or any other machine) if it becomes faulty. There is no point in having a warranty if you cannot take it to where it will be repaired in case of a fault.

If you are in Australia and are looking to get small portable diesel Generators for sale in Australia with well explained warranty, contact PowerCare today.




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