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Log Splitter: what you need to know to make the right choice


A log splitter is known as a piece of equipment that is used to cut log of woods possibly to produce firewood. These logs can have varying thicknesses and varying lengths hence the log splitters should have a way of being varied in terms of their rating.

It is important to first let you understand how they are rated before we go further into this educative session. Log splitters usually consist of an assembly of piston and hydraulic rods. These hydraulic rods have pressure rating which in turn determine the amount of force that the splitter can produce.

This force produced is measured in tons. This is what is used to rate the log splitter; the higher the ton rating of the splitter, the stronger or longer the logs that can be split.

In order for you to be able to make the right choice of splitter to purchase, the following should be taken into considerations;

Type of wood to be split;

Tree species are strong determinants of how hard the logs would be therefore making them strong determinants for the choice of log splitter to be purchased. Makes sense doesn’t it? As a good example, the oak tree would require about 1360 pounds of pressure to be split.

Size of logs to be worked with

Log sizes are measured in diameter and this is also an important factor since the force needed to cut a log of a smaller diameter will be smaller than the force needed for a log of larger diameter for logs of same tree type. Using the oak tree above, a log of size between 24” to 36” would need a log splitter of about 35 tons.

How seasoned or green the log is;

when a log is freshly cut it contains more water and is said to be wet or green. When dried or having been cut for some time it starts to get seasoned. Seasoned logs are generally easier to cut or split while green ones are harder. It is generally accepted that freshly cut trees would require extra 10 tons to split them adequately into proper logs.

Other technical factors to consider before buying a log include;

Design Enhancements

Do added features like log trays, dual loading capability, 1-person assembly, metal fenders, etc. add to the cost, or are they included as standard?

Cycle time

The cycle time of the splitter determines how fast it will cut logs. The ideal cycle time for log splitters is 15 seconds.


The quality of engineering ingenuity put into making the log splitter, the quality of materials used in its production and the design will also be important in determining how durable the log splitter will be.


For those who would like to take their log splitters with them to their vacation homes, this would be important to consider as well. You can check for parts like wheels or ball hitch that would enhance the transportation of the log splitter.

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