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Leading Supplier of Diesel Log Splitters

You could need to split your log. Especially when the pangs of winter sets in and you want to set those campfires. Aside from winter, you could generally need to split wood leading you to need a log splitter. At PowerCare, we have the best of log splitters all for available for your convenient choice.

Diesel Log Splitters with amazing splitting power

Have you got that defiant log whose stubborn toughness wouldn't let you cut through? Well, you are missing our powerful diesel log splitters which come with such vehement cutting power. Our splitters are well equipped with state-of-the-art motors which bring fun to cutting through the most arduous of logs. When it comes to horsepower capacity, splitting pressure, our diesel lol splitters are audacious champions. No matter your cutting need, we have a fit and capable diesel log splitters waiting for you at PowerCare.

Our diesel log splitters come with fast cycle time

In a modern world, like we live in today, it is all about getting more done in so little time. With our log splitters, this is very possible. Our log splitters come with very fast cycle time allowing you to cut so fast with an increased count of logs being split in a defined interval of time. Most of our log splitters beat the optimal cycle time of 15 seconds or less. Productivity is when you split your logs with our diesel log splitters at PowerCare.

Our log splitters come with dual speed function

With the Dual speed feature, the wedge of the log splitter gains the capacity to be transported along the log at a good speed and then losing such speed for the application of the splitting pressure, this way you wouldn't spend time unnecessarily when splitting your log from with our splitters. Wouldn't you go for your convenience and a more mechanized approach to wood splitting dripping with ease? This is what we assure you of at PowerCare, pleasure while splitting your wood.

Our diesel log splitters are very easy to move around

It is essential you don't exhaust yourself moving your log splitter around. With our splitters, transportation is sleek and seamless. Most of our splitters are aided with wheels for easy rolling either to where you are using it or back to the garage where you are storing it. Our splitters come with ball hitch so you could comfortably tow your splitter as well as transport handle. How much your convenience matters to us at PowerCare!

Lastly, your safety is guaranteed

There is obviously no need for you get a log splitter if it is going to compromise your safety. This is why at PowerCare, we ensure that your diesel log splitter is equipped with the best safety apparatus. Most of our splitters come with control levers, two hand safety operation, clamps and other devices to ensure that you are preciously wrapped in safety while using our splitters.

Looking for a diesel log splitter all over Australia? This is definitely where you should be looking at. Nowhere better combines quality and affordability.