4KVA USR TUC-40 RV Generator powered by HONDA GX270

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    USR TUC-40 Inverter petrol generator  suitable for RVs, trailers, coffee vans, food vans etc.
     It can power all kinds of sensitive electrical appliances like, laptops, PC, life support equipment and  air conditioners below 3.0HP
    This is an intelligent generator with intuitive human-computer interaction control panel.
    Comes with remote start and stop function and external Stainless Steel tank.
    Low fuel consumption, generator rpm adjusts to the load applied at max 2.2 Lt/h
    Spark arrestor to Australian Standard AS1019: Compliant to Rural Fire Regulations – Reg. 21

    Anti-vibration design system of USR TUC-40 allows the unit to be mounted externally, suspended from the vehicle chassis or mounted to the floor in a vehicle locker.

    Not only does the TUC-40 have a small footprint, is easy to operate and install, the generator also has high operating safety with integrated alarm functions, service reminders, running hours and kilowatt output on the digital display panel.


    Approved for using in National Parks ( please check NP regulations for exact details and permits)


    Maximum  peak output (W)                                                  4000

    Continuous output (W)                                                         3600

    Net weight (kg)                                                                       98

    Height (mm)                                                                            365

    Depth (mm)                                                                             530

    Width (mm)                                                                             480

    Width with suspension (mm)                                              710

    THDV (%)                                                                                 1

    Frequency (Hz ±1%)                                                              50

    Max starting current (A)                                                      14.1

    Engine                                                                                      HONDA GX270

    Engine output (kW)                                                                9.0 HP

    Displacement (cm³)                                                               270

    Fuel type:                                                                                 Unleaded RON 91 or greater

    Oil capacity (L)                                                                        0.8

    Consumption  (l/h)                                                                 1.6

    Sound level (dBA/7m)                                                           65

    Digital DSE control panel                                                   3110

    Spark arrestor to Australian Standard AS1019: Compliant to Rural Fire Regulations – Reg. 21

    1 year free parts warranty


    Additional Accessories

    Accessories for the TUC-29 generator are available:

    Stainless Steel 20L fuel tank with float sensor: $295.00    INCLUDED

    Fuel pipe kit with fuel pump and  flexible exhaust pipe kit;$255.00  INCLUDED 


    Please ask us for exact price and availability before checkout.


    Maximum output (W)4000
    Continuous output (W)3600
    Net weight (kg)465
    Height (mm)290
    Depth (mm)385
    Width (mm)480
    Width with suspension (mm)580
    THDV (%)1
    Frequency (Hz ±1%)50/60
    Max starting current (A)14.1
    EngineHONDA GX
    Engine output (kW)5(6.5 HP)
    Displacement (cm³)183.4
    Consumption max. (l/h)1.9
    Operation Temperature  ( Celsius  ) -10 to +45
    Sound level (dBA/7m)58
    Digital DSE control panel3110
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    Weight50 kg
    Dimensions650 x 500 x 450 mm
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