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Subject: 10KVA Diesel Silent Generator with ATS

Good morning, It has been a while.


Generator has worked well. It is reliable and starts every time with reasonably long intervals between starts.

I also appreciated that the starter motor and controller were replaced in warrantee and the service has been prompt and without a problem.

Best wishes for your business and for you personally

Bruce W (Brisbane Qld 4001) 2012President, Australia Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat



Subject: Diesel generator KOOP KDF6500Q with ATS

Yes, I picked the cable up today.
I’m very impressed with your service and the unit.  All going very well. Much appreciated.

David Gamble (Acheron, VIC) 2011


Subject:  KOOP 50HLE 2 inch Diesel Water Pump

Hi Radek,

I have modified the new pump you sent me.  Turned out the centre of the aluminum impeller and inserted correct sized thread to fit end ofCrank shaft. Got it going yesterday and it works a treat.  The output of the pump is excellent, better than the old unit, so happy.  Thanks for your helpJohn.Southern Grampians Wilderness, 2011



Subject: 10KVA Generator and ATS 3 phase 415V

That’s great Agatha, thanks very much.

Thanks for all your help with this and I will strongly recommend you and your company to my friends and colleagues.


Peter Curry (Perth, 6058 WA) 2011

Completions | North Rankin Redevelopment Project

Woodside Energy Ltd.



Subject: Diesel inverter generator pure sinewave 6.8KVA

Hi Agatha..

just a note to thank for your help with the generator I purchased.. it arrived safe and sound today and I think I will be well pleased with it..

Thanks again to all concerned.. cheers.

Les Mellet ( South Gladstone 4680) 2011


Subject: KOOP Diesel Generator


Hi Powercare,

The generator is going well & I am generally happy. As a guess it’s done about 25 hrs so far so it’s not working that hard.

Thanks for the follow up.Julian Collins ( Toowoomba QLD 4350 ) 2011




Subject:  10KVA Silent Diesel generator with Auto Start and Remote Control

Hi Radek,

The generator is going well thanks, with the ATS we’ve successfully stayed up during a number of power outages.



Shire of Kalamund, (WA, 6076) 2010





Subject: 5.7KVA Diesel Generator

My contractor (Rob RJM) is very impressed with the generator, particularly if it can be supplied with the plug. He is Planning to contact you directly. Thank you for a great genset.



David (Nagambie, VIC) 2009



Subject: KOOP Diesel generator and 4 inch water pump

Hi Radek,

The pump and generator have been great. The retrofit starter we fitted to the pump has made life much easier.

Your service has been great and I have recommended a lot of people to you.



John Schoen (Heahcote, VIC) 2008



Subject: 3 phase Diesel generator KOOP KDF6700Q3


Excellent tech. support, this is what I was looking for.  By the way, generator works great.

Robb H. (Wantirna, VIC) 2007



Subject: 10KVA Silent Diesel generator, single phase with remote control start


Generator works like a dream. Thanks for all your support and advice. I will contact with you next year regarding a wood splitter

John (Bendigo, 3550) 2006



Subject: 25 KVA Diesel generator 3 Phase Cummins with Stamford

I dealt with PowerCare the other day – what a terrific experience! I have never dealt with a service as good – great knowledge, really helpful and friendly in the process. All my questions answered and I have a great generator. Great work!

Zyggi Piosicki (Gelong VIC) 2006




Subject: Diesel Generator 5.7KVA KOOP Silent 240V single phaseAgatha, Thank you very much, it arrived, has been installed and works perfectlyYou provide very good backup, thanks again. Jim Barson (Bellbrae VIC) 2012 Subject: Diesel Generator 5.7KVA KOOP with Remote Control startMick Hollins again thank you for your service I have my part and my generator is starting by remote just perfectly thanks again and Merry Christmas to you all many regardsMick Hollins
Peak Crossing (QLD 4306) 2012



Subject: Diesel Engine

Thanks very much for all your work. I do appreciate at it very much. I will be sending business your way. It is great to have such good service. Will be looking to support you in purchased down the track. Buck LaingEmu Vale (QLD 4372) 2013


Subject: 2inch Diesel Water Pump High Preassure 

Pump has arrived (has come a long way) and is as ordered .All is good.

Thanks for the follow up, Regards, Jeff

(NSW 2428) 2013



Subject: USR EV20i Digital Inverter generator

This little machine has revolutionised my ‘off-the-grid life! Thanks.

Tony A

Chillingham (NSW 2484) 2013



Subject: 13HP Pressure Diesel Water pump 3 inch Cast iron

Just letting you know how happy we are with the 13hp diesel KOOP pump we purchased from you recently.
Pushes water up to the holding tank from dam over 35 meter head and over 600 meters run with ease.

David Cockroft Lancefield Victoria 3435


4 inch Cast Iron Pressure Diesel Water Pump 13HP

Hey guys, bought a couple of these pumps and motor of you before and they are absolutely fantastic.

I’m interested in another one or two. Could someone call me asI  would rather talk than email.

Regards Chris from BRANDON 4808 QLD  JAN 2018


Commercial Testimonials:

Cambridge Universtiy Press

Shire of Kalamunda




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