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Why a person may want to have a Generator

The reasons why a person might buy a portable electric generator are probably as diverse as the different types of generators on the market. Being prepared in the event of a power outage is a very valid concern; hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and other natural disasters can create a loss of electrical service.

In some cases, the outage may last for days or even weeks. While many reasons for buying a portable electric generator are linked to preparedness, another purpose is the ability to carry power to a location where none is available. Below are some good reasons to consider the purchase of a portable electric generator.

Power back up for small businesses

Any business that may be significantly harmed by the outage of power for a few hours should purchase a generator. Businesses like food or electronic parts manufacturing companies who pay their workers on an hourly rate may be seriously harmed from downtime, thereby losing on two fronts because they still have to pay the workers their wages as long as they are at work.

Also, small businesses that provide client services can benefit from having a portable electric generator. A firm that provides Internet-based services to their sales force or gives clients access to online information and reports would be severely impacted by a power outage for even a few hours, especially if the company services clients outside of the area affected by the power loss.

Small businesses, like family restaurants, butcher shops, rural markets, and other stores that rely on refrigeration could have inventories ruined by a mid- or long-term power outage and could thus benefit from having a portable generator on hand. For critical health care providers, a backup electricity source is vital, particularly to power life-saving machines for critical patients.

Backup Household Electrical Power

Many people buy a portable electric generator because they want to be prepared in the event of a power outage. For one, having a backup source of power will keep food in the refrigerator fresh during a lengthy power outage. Individuals with health concerns may also need an available electrical source in the event of a power failure.

Oxygen-producing machines or other electrically powered medical equipment can be run short-term with a portable electric generator. A room air conditioner might be a critical unit in need of power for individuals with breathing problems and for elderly individuals during hot weather. With a large enough generator and proper wiring, a household air conditioner can be powered by a portable generator.

People working on sites

Workers at construction sites where electricity is either not easily accessible or not available will definitely need power generator to carry out their various tasks. The drilling machine for holes and nails, the spray guns of painters, the light to illuminate work areas for those working indoors are all examples of what may be powered by the generator on site.

Whatever your reason for getting a generator may be you should know that there are good portable generators for sale in Australia if you know where to look. For high quality, affordable portable generators and portable diesel generators for sale, look nowhere else but Powercare. We power it like no other.




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